The Surprise in Jack Kingston’s Loss in the Georgia Runoff


By John Feehery

Rep. Jack Kingston.jpg

“Rep. Jack Kingston” by U.S. Congress – Image from Rep. Kingston’s home page.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

(This originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s Think Tank.)

That Rep. Jack Kingston lost his primary race for the open Senate seat in Georgia Tuesday night wasn’t a complete shock.  It was going to be a close contest either way and most experts rated it a toss-up. (more…)

Expanding the Size of the Senate?


By John Feehery

Seal of the United States House of Representatives.svg

“Seal of the United States House of Representatives” by Ipankonin – Vectorized from w:Image:House large seal.png SVG elements from . Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

There’s nothing sacred about having 100 Senators and 435 Members of the House of Representatives.

It was 103 years ago, in August of 1911, when Congress passed the Apportionment Act, which set the number of House Members at the current number.  When Alaska and Hawaii entered the union in 1959, that number was allowed to float to 437, but under that law, it sank back to 435 in 1962. (more…)

Topic: Congress Senate

Obama’s Immigration Crisis


By John Feehery


Originally published on The Hill

Incompetence breeds contempt.

It’s not easy to alienate black voters, Hispanic voters and conservative white voters all at the same time on the same issue, but that’s exactly what the Obama administration has done by mishandling the humanitarian crisis that has engulfed the southern border.  (more…)

Topic: Immigration

What If the Hard Right Drives Big Business Into Arms of The Left?


By John Feehery

Jim DeMint.jpg

“Jim DeMint” by United States Congress – Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

(This is originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal’s Think Tank.)

Amid the fight for the soul of the Republican Party, some elements of the GOP coalition have become overtly hostile to Big Business. (more…)

Patriotism and Corporate Inversions


By John Feehery

Great Seal of the United States (obverse).svg

“Great Seal of the United States (obverse)” by U.S. Government – Extracted from PDF version of Our Flag, available here (direct PDF URL here.). Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

It annoys me when Tea Party groups that want to dismember the Federal Government and urge insurrection and nullification against the President call themselves patriots and imply that anybody who opposes their radical agenda are squishy communists. (more…)

Topic: taxes Tea Party

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